The Ultimate Project Management Software Comparison for Landscapers

You’re about to make one of your biggest decisions towards impacting your business: It’s time to choose a project management software. Whether you’re onboarding a PMS for the first time or you’ve just ditched your old one and are single and ready to mingle, there are so many things to consider when it comes time to choose your new software. Bottom line: You need a software that’s going to help your business make money and keep your customers happy. But each company promises that their product will do that. Are they all lying? Of course not. Each company offers something different, and the person making this decision for you needs to choose the software that offers the features that best match your business needs.

We’ve compiled a list of the top eight project management software products that are specifically geared for landscaping. These guys get what you do every day. They understand your needs. So which product is best for you? That’ll depend on what you’re looking for. Consult our comparison table so you can make an informed decision and start making serious progress.

Click here or directly on the chart to see full sized version. You can also look below for description of the evaluation criteria for each software.

Customer Support: The company has a team that handles customer queries.

Client Communication: The software allows for communication within the platform.

Mobile: The software is compatible with smartphones.

Payment: The software is able to process payments directly to customers.

Staff Tracking: The software is able to track each employee using GPS technology.

Estimating: The software is able to assist in projecting final job costs.

Invoicing: The software has a template which you can use to invoice customers.

Budgeting: The software has a template which you can use for budgeting.

Reporting: The software is able to log statistical data to provide insights.