7 of Instagram’s Most Inspiring Gardens

We’re not going to lie — we’ve been spending quite a bit of time browsing Instagram lately. The image-based social platform has been not only inspiring us, but treating us to scores of eye candy.

From #gardensofinstagram to #landscapephotography to #gardenporn — yes, #gardenporn is a thing and it’s way more appropriate than you think (most of the time) — we can’t get enough. Fortunately, we’ve put all that scrolling time to good use and collected some of our faves to share with you. So next time a rainy day washes you out of work, fill the void one double tap at a time with these 7 strokes of landscape genius.

1. All the way from Mount Wilson, Australia’s Breenhold Gardens, this winding staircase and fall foliage are giving us a serious forbidden forest vibe.

2. We’re just going to assume they had one day of Purple Rain and that was that.

3. Isn’t this just adorable?! Yeah, and the garden too.

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4. Warning: Do not peep this garden on an empty stomach!

5. Get yourself a dog or two that cares as much about your garden as you do. #dogdaysofsummer

6. We’re as obsessed with Kew Gardens as you are, @roamatdawn! Greenhouse and water lilies… what’s not to like?

7. Uh, yes please! A glass of wine around the fire, in THIS garden?! We could get used to nights like this.

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